WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #125 | “The Chicago Shuffle”.

With Ari away Wade and G Li are join by friend of the show Scan to discuss all the latest in the world of hiphop.

The start off with all the latest in the case of Officer Hernandez, or rather Takashi 69. From his testimony implicating other artist, his status with witness protection, and the emerging theory that has been circulating around the web, here’s a hint Wade said it first. The gang then goes over the 2019 Forbes list, with some surprising moves near the top. The gang then settles in for a long debate about Kanye and his upcoming (as of this recording) album “Jesus Is King”. From reviewing the rumored tracklist, discussing his listening sessions and with his announcement that he’s only doing gospel music , the gang debates is this a scam or can we put our faith in Mr.West.

The also discuss Lil Kim getting the “I am Hip Hop” award at the upcoming BET Hip Hop Awards, Dmx and LL Cool J resigning to Def Jam and much much more


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