WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #141 | “Bark At The Moon”.

wordswithwade podcast cover

Wade, G Li and Scan return to update you all with the latest in the Hiphop culture.

They start off discussing Diddy’s Covid-19 Townhall, and where they feel Puff and other celebrities are making a huge mistake when discussing this pandemic.

They then discuss the highlight of the year in hiphop, the Epic IG Live battle of RZA vs DJ Premier. The gang gives you their thoughts and what other IG battles they would like to see.

The Battle theme continues as the gang discusses Weeknd’s comments towards Usher in his Variety magazine interview, and Usher’s not so subtle response.

Finally they discuss Iyanna Mayweather, Blac Chyna charging $950 and much much more.


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