WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #185 | “How Long Will They Mourn Me”.

On this episode, Scan rejoins the fellas as they discuss everything in the hip-hop culture today.

The gang starts with Juicy J’s comments on Twitter regarding getting the vaccine and Twitter responding to him. The gang then talks about the covid vaccines and will they get one.

Next, the gang talks about the Lil Nas X video, the sneakers, and the controversy that’s been all over your timeline for the last few days. What’s up with the video? Why the shoes? Is he wrong? Are we just homophobes? Is the song any good? It’s a good discussion let us know your thoughts.

The gang takes the time to remind everyone the trial of the killer of Nipsey Hussle begins on April 6th, and what they expect to happen in trial, and Blacc Sam and the Crips coming to an agreement.

Finally, they end the show with the conditions of Bobby Smurda’s parole, the top 10 artist of 2020 according to IFPI, and much more.


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