WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #111 | “History In The Making”.

On this episode Wade, Ari, and G li discuss Rihanna’s upcoming fashion line and what this may mean for her upcoming music, they also go over the new Jhene Aiko song “Triggered” and give their reactions. They talk about Chris Darden stepping down from defending the alleged murderer of Nipsey Hussle, then end of Power and Empire , Ayesha Curry and much much more.


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #110 | “The Rose That Grew from Concrete”.

On this episode Wade, Ari, and G Li discuss the Billboard Music Award winners, the recent allegations against Remy Ma, Kanye’s upcoming Showtime series, the new D’angelo documentary “Devils Pie’ and more. The gang also goes over the pending track list and features for Chris Brown’s album “Indigo” they also manage to give their opinions on Logic’s new song featuring Eminem called “Homicide” and much, much more.


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #109 | “Get In The Water”

In this special double sized episode Wade Bloggs and G Li are joined by show engineer Justice to discuss Pharell’s “Something In The Water” festival. They talk about each performer, who had the biggest ovations, who got the crowd to go wild, who bring out the special guest and much more, They even give some inside scoops about who else was supposed to make an appearance but ran out of time. The fellas also discuss where the festival can go next year and who they would like to see on the stage. But dont think this is all about “Pharell-fest” the guys also discuss Jay-z’s “Bsides 2” concert, the passing of John Singleton, Bun B defending his home against an intruder, T pain losing his voice, and much much more.


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #108 | “Going Thru The Motions”.

On this episode Wade Bloggs and Ari, preview the “Something In The Water’ festival” and schedule, they also talk about Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj’s joint tour, Schoolboy Q’s upcoming album “Crash Talk” and review the tracklist. They also briefly talk about Beyonce’s Netflix documentary “Homecoming”, Jay z’s upcoming “B-sides 2” concert and much much more. [google80baaf37b6fd1abe.html]


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #107| “Dedication”.

On this episode Wade Bloggs and G Li talk about the latest updates in the murder of Nipsey Hussle, along with “Who’s paying Chris Darden”. They also cover Kodak Black’s recent tasteless comments about Lauren London, and the internets reaction to him. They guys also cover, Atlanta attempting to bring Freaknik back with a twist, TDE headlining Revolve Festival 2019, Drake and Future teasing “What A Time To Be Alive 2”, Usher teasing “Confessions 2, the upcoming Salt n Pepa miniseries, and much much more.


WordsWithWade Podcast | The Assassination Of Nipsey Hussle

With the tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle, Wade Bloggs and G Li have an open discussion about what they know, how they found out, some of the rumors surrounding Nipsey’s death and more. They talk openly and honestly about Nipsey’s place in their lives and the effect he had on them. The fellas also talk about what they believe needs to happen next to continue his work in the community and keep his legacy alive.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #106 | “Closer To Our Dreams”.

On this episode Wade, Ari, and G Li discuss Jcole’s GQ interview, Jay z’s “Blueprint” being added to the U.S. National Registry, they also ask is “The Blueprint” Jay-z’s greatest album. The Gang also discusses Chris Brown being added to the “Something In The Water” festival, Cardi b copyrighting her catchphrase, Jay electronica’s possible return, the Myspace data loss and much much more.